The position of the UETD against political parties in Europe

The position of the Union of European Turkish Democrats against political parties in Europe

Parliamentary elections have recently taken place in a number of the European Union countries where Turkish immigrants live. Federal Parliament elections which took place in France and the Netherlands last term, and the coming elections of Germany in September 2017 are also closely related to the Turkish diaspora. The European Union of Turkish Democrats closely follows the ongoing debate and feels that it is imperative to share concerns with the public.
Parties such as the „AfD“ in Germany, „Front National“ in France, „PVV“ in the Netherlands and „FPÖ“ in Austria trigger public opinion and create discrimination through immigrant and Islamic fear which can be regarded as new populism. In addition, parties such as „Die Linke“, „Bündnis90 / Die Grünen“ together with other parties, sympathies those which are known as terrorist organizations and through their discourse create legitimate grounds for these terror groups.

In this context, the Union of European Turkish Democrats of the European Union is making a distinction between itself and extreme right-wing parties and leftist parties which are close to terrorist organizations and develop politics over the immigrant opposition. It is advisable for our society to be cautious on the same level towards these parties because of their existing policies.


Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) Board of Directors