Olive Branch Operation

The government of the Republic of Turkey, with the support of the opposition parties and social
consensus, has decided to take military action and Turkish Armed Forces on January 20th 2018 has
launched the Olive Branch Operation.

This operation is performed undoubtedly as a result of actions of PKK, PYD, DEAS and similar terror
organisation which are threats towards the public within the region and Republic of Turkey.

“Operation Olive Branch” has started in a way that it is appropriate with Art 51 of the United Nations
Legitimate Defence of Rights and decisions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against
terrorism and in particular resolutions of 1624 (2005), 2170 (2014) and 2178 (2014).

Just as “Euphrates Shield” this operation is aimed to eliminate the desired terrorist corridor on Turkeys
southern border, ultimately put an end to the pressure of the terrorist organisations on the region and
to restore peace within region. Violence, instability and actions aimed at the demographic structure of
the region and the public by terror organisations including PKK, YPG, PYD and other similar
organisation, which have been gaining field along Turkey’s southern border, have made this operation

PYD and YPG which are extensions to the PKK have also targeted civilians not only outside Turkey
but also within turkey which is well-known. These treacherous organisations in recent years have led
to hundreds of casualties and thousands of wounded, especially in the attacks of Hendek Kalkismasi,
Istanbul Vezneciler and Kizilay Guvenpark.

Violence and conflict within borders of Turkey and the operations of the above mentioned terror
organisations have led to three and a half million innocent people, whom 370 thousand being Kurdish,
to being forced to leave their homeland and go to Turkey as a safe country.

Turkey’s human and conscience oriented politics has opened its doors to refugees regardless of race,
language or religion making Turkey a country with the most assistance to refugees in the world today.
Turkey, to put an end to the desired terrorist generation being formed on its borders and to attacks
towards hospitals and so civilians without any real target, have seen this operation as being obligatory.

Turkey has announced that it does not target with this operation Syria’s territorial integrity or the
Turkmen, Kurds or Arabs living within the region. Here, as mentioned above, the target is terrorist
organisations such as PKK, YPG, PYD and DAES and other similar terror organisations.

It is obvious that Turkey being an ally of NATO, this operation also aims at maintain the southern
border of NATO.
The instability caused by terrorist organisations in the region directly affects the security of the
European Union member states. Operation Olive Branch an important obstacle to prevent a new
wave of migration to the European Union.

Claims that actions taken are towards civilians and innocent people by those targeting the operation
and to also leave Turkey in a difficult situation in the international arena is not as such. On the
contrary, it is seen that terrorists like PYD in Afrin use civilians by force as human shields. We believe
that the Turkish Armed Forces performing this operation show maximum attention, effort and

The “Olive Branch Operation” conduct by Turkish Armed Forces has been carried out transparently
with the necessary information given to its allies and neighbouring countries since the beginning.
With the aims of peace, serenity and security, we request that this operation is supported by the
international community and see that its indispensable to be beside the innocent public within the
region and Turkey against terrorism.

Announced with honour to the public.